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THE ASSOCIATION originated as an expression of commitment of a few to make available scientific knowledge and experience and contribute to the sustainable development of the Republic of Mauritius and improve the well being of the people.

These are embodied in its vision, mission and objectives. Its partnership extents to Government, NGOs, academia, parastatal bodies and private sector [Read more]

Peer-reviewed and other articles on ADD

ADD News - Managing Committee Members 2023-24, Second Prize for 2023 Environment Awards

Highlights of ADD

Activities of ADD - Historical

ADD contributions: greening, coastal protection, improved  quality of life, sensitisation and sustainable development

ADD/NSIF Mangrove sensitisation 26 June 2022 - Grade 5 pupils of Le Morne Primary School and their parents

AGM-16 was held at Manisa Hotel, Flic-en-Flac, on 21 May 2023. It elected  new Managing Committee (MC) members, Mr Prakash Juddoo was elected President. ADD welcomed the MC members  and committed its support. It expressed its gratitude to Mr Ragoonaden, newly-elected as Vice-President, for his devotion and for the achievements during his Presidency..

Mangrove Plantation at Le Morne (1000 plants) and at Coteau Raffin (8000) is completed. Several members, NGOs and the UTM participated invitation. The Ministry of Blue Economy organised World Mangrove Day on 26 July at Le Morne in collaboration with ADD. Event highlight - plantation of 500 potted plants at Le Morne. See also Le Mauricien 17 July 2023.



MANGROVE - ADD's unique contribution to rehabilitation since 2008

Mangrove is a vital but little recognised partner in shining Mauritius as a paradise island. Its triple role in terms of good and services - shelter inhabitants and our coasts from gale force winds and high waves, screen our lagoons from soil and land-based chemicals, and serve as a nursery for fish, crabs,bait, etc. and enhance biodiversity.. The latest ADD's action is at Coteau Raffin and Le Morne.


Photos of Mangrove Planting at Le Morne and Coteau Raffin

Mangrove - econonomic value SE




Sandwatch activities

An educational programme for schools and communities. National support - Ministry of Education and Currimjee Foundation. International backstopping - Sandwatch Foundation and UNESCO


Q & A

Q: Why the cyclones seem to shy away from Mauritius in spite of global warming?

A: In the absence of detailed study over the region, several reasons could be invoked. With global warming we would expect more favourable conditions for cyclone to form. But we see short-lived though intense cyclones in our region. The other favourable conditions for cyclone formation are not aligned. The sea in our vicinity is cooler.