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2023  ADD 16th Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting was held on Sunday 21 May 2023  at Manisa Hotel, Flic-en-Flac. It elected ADD's Managing Committee for 2023-2024:

Honorary President. Subash Chacowry

Honorary President: Sok Appadu

President Mr Prakash Juddoo   
Vice-President      Mr Sachooda Ragoonaden
Secretary   Ms Manjusha Ramphull
Assistant Secretary Mr Yaaseen Noorbuccus
Treasurer     Mr Vickram Dooly
Assistant Treasurer  Mr Vedanand Torul

Mr Soobaraj N. Sok Appadoo

Mr Vincent Ah Cheun

Dr   Rajeev Khoodeeram


Mr Gaj Pyndiah

Mr Deva Soondiren Ramen


Awarded 2nd Prize - Environmental Award 2023

ADD has made a submission for the 2023 Environment Award of the Ministry of Environment. It has been nominated among the top three finalists. The Award ceremony was organised by the Ministry and held on World Environment Day on 5 June..

The citation:

"Your organisation's dedication and efforts toward environmental protection and sustainability have truly set you apart. We extend our warmest congratulations to your organisation. Your contributions are making a significant difference, and we are honored to have you as part of this prestigious event".


Briefing of potential new members

Several persons expressed interest in ADD and its activities.

On 6th May 2023 at Quatres Bornes, they were briefed by the President and the Assistant Secretary on ADD on its activities, and their possible involvement.

Invitation to Plant Mangroves


A Unique Experience in Learning about Mangrove

Sensitisation of children of Paul & Virginie School on mangroves

The sensitization programme took place in 2 batches on 12 and 13 June 2023 with 30 children of the Paul et Virginie School on each day.

It was a unique experience for the children. They learned both the theoretical and practical aspects of mangroves. Mr S. Ragoonaden, the Vice-President and former President of ADD made a PowerPoint presentation at the Green Village Camping site outlining the characteristics and importance of mangroves.

Later, the children were taken to the Le Morne mangrove plantation site, situated some 3 km from Coteau Raffin. They visited the mangrove forest and mangrove nursery established to grow seedlings for transplantation at Coteau Raffin. They then had an exciting hands-on experience in planting mangrove seedlings. Fifteen seedlings were