Meteorological Services blamed for March 2013 flood - Parallel with Italian case?

An Italian court has acquitted six scientists (three seismologists, a volcanologist, and two seismic engineers) convicted of manslaughter in 2012 for advice they gave ahead of the deadly L'Aquila earthquake of 6 April 2009. They state that no blame can be laid on the scientists for the risk analysis they carried out.

The judge in an earlier trial concluded that the experts' advice was unjustifiably reassuring and led some of the 309 victims. He had described the experts' risk analysis as "superficial, approximate and generic’ and had sentenced the scientists to six year of jail.

The Appellate Court decided that the experts should have been judged on how well they adhered to the science of the time. On the other hand, they blamed the Civil Protection Agency that had made reassuring statements to the public ahead of the earthquake.

The Prosecutor has still to decide whether to appeal against this latest verdict.

In Mauritius, the Meteorological Services was judged to be almost solely responsibility for the catastrophe arising from the flood of March 2013. Can we draw some parallel with the Italian case?

(AAAA Cartlidge)