ADD's 12th Annual General Meeting

                                   12th Annual General Meeting

ADD held its 12th Annual General Meeting at Le Sapin D'Or Restaurant Curepipe, on Saturday 30th March 2019.

It decided on a number of issues.

 Managing Committee


Mr. Sachooda Ragoonaden

Vice President

Mrs. (Dr) Amitabye Luximon – Ramma


Mr. Sandeep Kumar Gopala

Assistant Secretary

Mr. Prakash Juddoo


Mr. Ved Torul

Assistant Treasurer

Mr. Ram Sumbang Nookadee


Mr. Soobaraj Nayroo Sok Appadu


Mrs. Ellora Dhunnoo


Mrs. (Dr) Jayantee Naugah

Co- opted Member

Mr. Naim Ahmad Shaik Joomun

Honorary Presidents
Mr S. Chacowry
Mr S. N. Sok Appadu
The Assembly has unanimously appointed Mr. Gopala Krishna Naidu Pyndiah and Mr. G. Ramphul as the auditors for the Association for the period 2019 – 2021.
Budgetary matters
The Assembly approved the Statement for the year ending 2018.
It also approved the buget for the year 2019.
Mrs O Ragoonaden, G Alleear and Mr S.Oodunt graciously donated toward the purchase of a projector for ADD's sensitisation activities.
           a)      To re- register with the CSR

b)      To search for new projects and sources of funding

c)      To organise regular meeting with all members

The Assembly thanked Mr. Pyndiah for graciously inviting the Managing Committee to hold its meetings at his residence at La Laura Saint Pierre.

 1. Approval of the Minutes of Proceedings of the 11th Annual General Meeting

2. Matters arising out of the Minutes

3. President’s Report

4. Approval of the Statement of Account for the period ending 31 December 2018

5. Approval of Estimates for the year 2019

6. Election of members of the Management Committee for the year 2019-2021

7. Election of auditors for year 2019 - 2021

8. Motion from members

9. A.O.B

10. Closure of meeting