Sandwatch Closing Ceremony at France Boyer de la Giroday SSS

Sandwatch Closing Ceremony at France Boyer de la Giroday SSS

The closing ceremony of the Sandwatch at France Boyer de la Giroday was held on 5 November 2020.

Mrs André gave the highlights of the event and stressed the imprtance of such activities to the School and the students.

The welcome address was delivered by the Deputy Rector Mr Richard.

He highlighted the value of the Project to awareness raising among the students on the importance of the the coastal regions to our economy, environment and the future of the nation.

He thanked UNESCO, Sandwatch Foundation, the Currimjee Foundation  and ADD for the successful completion of the Project.

Mr Ragoonaden, the President of ADD, highlighted the background to Sandwatch activities nationally (started in 2018) and globally.

He welcomed the opportunity offered by the Ministry of Education to undertake the activity. He specially thanked the Rector  Mr.  Jhurreea, the Deputy Rector Mr.  Richard, the educators Mrs Rughu and Mrs Rakha and the students for undertaking and completing the project inspite of Covid-19.

The students presented their observations taken at Blue Bay Beach and analyses. They and the educators were congratulated for the data and the results presented  in a lucid manner.

In his vote of thanks on behalf of ADD, Mr Ramen thanked all the stakeholders for their unflinching support and commitment to the project for the benefit of the students and ultimately for the preservation and protection of the coastal environment.

In his closing statement, Mr Jhurrea expressed his appreciation to Currimjee Foundation and ADD. He highlighted the value placed in such activities which raise awareness, observational aptitudes, analytical qualities and public speaking among students. This is the second year od Sandwatch activities and hoped that this activities will be contined for the benefit of other students.

Other ADD Members present were:

Mr. S Chacowry, Honorary President
Mr. V.Torul, Treasurer
Mrs O. Ragoonaden
Dr (Mrs) A Chacowry
Mr. M. Ramphul, ADD member